Discovery Place

Discovery Place includes the best educational exhibits and the closest to the hearts of our visitors and students. We have chosen exhibits which develop their minds, expand their perceptions,  stimulates their senses and fits the developments of the modern era.
The exhibition is housing more than 50 interactive exhibits and is suitable for all age groups. The exhibits address exciting and interesting topics in the world of Bubbles , Basic Physics, Genetics, Perception and Thinking, Science of Food and Sports and Infant area.

We made sure to provide the whole family with the pleasure of learning in a fun atmosphere.   We allocated an area for young learners under five years of age. We provided them with exhibits suitable for their age, taking care of their safety and developing their minds with all that is fun and useful.
The visit to the Discovery Place will be definitely a real pleasure and a unique experience for our valued visitors, as we had made every effort for providing the best services.

Discovery Place continues to expand its efforts in promoting science, technology, and environmental awareness by offering fun and fascinating programs and special events to celebrate science! You can find out more about them in Whats On This Month!

There is no limit to what you can discover and learn, Find out below what there is to see and do at Discovery Place.