The story of The Scientific Center Of KUWAIT (TSCK)

The Scientific Center Kuwait (TSCK) was borne from the vision of His Highness the former Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (God rest his soul), who was inspired to build a center that excites children and adults alike about the wonders of science and encourages them to innovate in and engage with the various scientific fields, to help build a sustainable future for the country of the State of Kuwait. As such, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences was tasked with creating a hub where people of all ages and backgrounds could come together in the interest of science and its role in our futures.


Established in April of 2000 with a mission to promote science, technology, and a culture of science in Kuwait, it was launched with three main attractions: The Aquarium, The Discovery Place, and The IMAX Theater. Each of these attractions focus on delivering science in locally relevant and fun, yet educational, ways.

In addition to this core tenet, the Scientific Center built into its core Mission, Vision and Values the need to help build a sustainable environment, leading to numerous initiatives in the interest of saving local animal life, protecting the Arabian Gulf, and educating the public on environmental pollution.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors experience The Scientific Center every year, with over 11 million visitors having walked through its doors since opening. Whether students on field trips, families enjoying membership with its exclusive perks and programs, or tourists from around the world, science and the wonders of science have helped people of all ages and walks of life understand their world and look to a sustainable future through experiences at The Scientific Center.

In the Mijbil Almutawa Aquarium, visitors undertake a journey of discovery through three diverse environments, showcasing their flora and fauna, habitat and wildlife. Trek through Desert caves, witness the wonder of where land meets the ocean at the Coastal Edge, or dive into Kuwait’s largest Marine tank, featuring a multitude of sharks, both large and small, as well as sea turtles, coral and hundreds of other species.

The Discovery Place inspires children through interactive, educational exhibits that stimulate their senses, expand their horizons and nurture their curiosity. Children as young as 4 don’t just learn about the different fields of science, they experience it hands-on through play! This helps little ones retain what they learn much better, while enjoying it too! Children – and adults – can learn about the chemistry of their bodies, the strength of bubbles, engineer their own fort or machines, and even understand how movement affects what we see! Special programs and themes are always taking place, so be sure to follow us on Instagram @scicenterkw to see what’s happening every week.

The IMAX theater is an experience like no other! The Scientific Center’s IMAX theater was the first IMAX to be introduced to the whole of the Middle East in the year 2000, and underwent a renovation in 2017, offering visitors an audio-visual spectacle in the top of its class. The screen is the largest IMAX With Laser screen in the country, equipped with the latest IMAX projection technology, including a 12 channel immersive sound system. 3D educational and documentary films available in both Arabic and English are shown every day, so families can have a little bit of education while being entertained.

This and so much more are available at The Scientific Center Kuwait, with the Dhow Harbor offering a trip into the pre-oil era of Kuwaiti history, offering the only surviving sailing ship from that time on display. Various Food & Beverage outlets are available for breaks, and if in wanting to keep the fun science continuing long after leaving, the Gift Shop offers a wide variety of toys, kits, clothing and other items helping keep the fun alive.