Dhow Harbour

Housing the only surviving Kuwait sailing ship from the pre-oil era, boom Fateh-el-Khair, the Dhow Harbor gives the visitor insight into a vital part of Kuwaiti heritage. Located directly on the water front, the Harbor includes samples of various smaller dhows and vessels used during this period. Fateh-El-Khair is a deep sea sailing ship of the "boom saffar" type. It is 19.8 meters long, 8.1 meters wide and 4.9 meters high.  This ship was designed and built in Kuwait in 1938 by the late shipbuilder Ali Abdul Rassol for the merchant Mohamed Al-Ghanim and his brother Thunayan Al-Ghanim. The building of the ship took 18 carpenters who worked 60 days round the clock and cost approximately 17,000 rupees. She is made of Indian timber and weighs 95 tons when empty and can sail up to 13 knots.