A journey of discovery through three diverse environments, showcasing their flora and fauna, habitat, or wildlife. Trek through Desert caves, witness the wonder of the joining between land and sea in the Coastal Edge, or dive into Kuwait's largest Marine tank, featuring a multitude of sharks, both large and small, as well as sea turtles, coral, and hundreds of other species.



Inspiring kids through interactive, educational exhibits that stimulate their senses, expand their horizons and nurture their curiosity. At Discovery Place, children as young as 4 don't just learn different areas of science, they experience it hands-on through play! This helps them retain what they learn much better, and enjoy it too! Children- and adults! - can learn about the chemistry of their bodies, the strength of bubbles, engineer their own fort or machines, and even understand how movement affects what we see! Special programs and themes are always taking place, so follow us on Instagram @scicenterkw to see what's happening this week!



Sail into the pre-oil era of Kuwaiti History through "Fateh-el-Khair" dhow, the only surviving sailing ship from that era. Experience the life of the past in the TSCK dhow harbor with the authentic FatehAlKhair dhow and replicas of various smaller dhows and vessels used during this period. While enjoying the outdoor walkway of The Scientific Center. This attraction is free for all visitors!